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Elise Marquam-Jahns and Lucy

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”  

--Betty Friedan

I was feeling blah and felt my face needed a makeover class, especially since noticing skin changes since I moved to Arizona.  When I saw Elise’s makeup class I immediately signed up.  Am I ever glad I did.  Elise gave us down to earth pointers for the “mature woman.”  She was patient in showing how to apply the makeup and in answering whatever questions we had.  The products she recommended were not just ones we could find in makeup stores but were also less expensive ones that we could find in our local drugstore.  

Best of all was the handout she gave which I kept on my vanity to remind me what to do and when.  Even better than that were the many compliments I received when I applied her techniques.  I didn’t feel overly made up or anything—something my husband would have hated.  I would not hesitate to recommend Elise’s class on an individual or group basis to anyone who wanted a makeover or an updating of one’s looks. 


Thank you, Elise.

--Esther B.

Elise is a master, not only of make-up tips, but of making her classes fun and interesting, as well as informative.  I have taken two classes and note that she always covers the basic material, but  then adapts to the questions and needs of her students.  Excellent hand-outs help me remember the material, so that I can try at home to recreate the great looks she shares.  At 71, I am so excited about pursuing a new look that I asked Elise for a private consultation.  In that session, she turned her attention to all my personal make-up needs and I came away feeling more polished than I have in years.  She followed up with a list of products that I might try.  Elise does not try to sell you anything, especially not a specific brand, but is knowledgeable across the industry.  I highly recommend her to any woman over 40 interested in making the second half of her life as beautiful as the first!

--Phyllis L.

“Older women don’t follow any rules.  They make new ones.”

It was truly a treat when I met with Elise for a makeup refresher course. I’d been doing my makeup the same way since college, even though at 50 my face had changed *ahem* just a little. She was kind and fun and I loved her cozy space with perfect lighting. I’m not one to try new products or spend a lot of money on potions, but it really was time for me to upgrade my skin care and cosmetics. Elise was sensitive to that and introduced me to just the right new products for my needs, not too many, not too pricey and I felt I could trust her suggestions. She also showed me new techniques for my mature skin that I now use every day. Her combined knowledge, experience and charm are her super power, and she made me feel and look 10 years younger with her fabulous techniques!


--Jennifer P.

As a woman of a certain age, I found that I needed to update my makeup routines as my coloring and lifestyle changed.  Elise worked with me to develop a beautiful look for special events and introduced new colors, products and techniques that were flattering to mature skin. By adjusting the products and steps, I ended up with complementary routines that work for professional situations, as well as trips to the grocery store.  Our session was informative, respectful and fun and I was very pleased with the result.  


--Rhonda P.

“You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.”  

--Coco Chanel

I was truly amazed by how much better I looked after Elise did a makeover. I thought I looked about five years younger. I understand now why the term make up "artist" is used. She took such care and deliberation in selecting colors and applying them in ways that enhanced the contours of my face and helped my age spots disappear.  And she does not promote and try to sell you a certain line of products.  The makeup session brought me a real lift in my spirit as well as my face. 


--Joyce A.


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